Mas Data

With the holiday season upon us, seems like we can never get enough gift guides. Whether it’s the week long Secret Santa gifts at work or the family member swap at home, it would be great to study our buying behaviors over a long period of time to better understand what might make the most sense as the next purchase.

While on the small scale the closest we come to this is probably the “Other Customers also Considered” feature on Amazon, there are much more sophisticated options for large companies. One of these is ad-hoc reporting software. You can use these as a manager or account associate to pull data that will empower you to further do your job.

On a personal scale I would like more information about my purchasing habits, but maybe also my reactions as a recipient. Do I tend to like Aunt Eman’s presents year round or only those on my birthday?  If there was a way to run a report for a smaller search like via self-service reporting that would make life so much easier.

What about you? Do you have big or small data needs?

Other places it would be nice to track usage or benefits are large public areas like airports or schools. I currently work at a high school and one of the first things that became apparent to me was that students were using the library for many services other than checking out books. They might come in to study or read quietly. At still other times they come in to hang out during their breaks and have a chat with a friend. School administrators would benefit greatly from seeing the library as more than a space to check out books. If I had software that allowed students to self report on the changes they wished to see in the high school library, Then such a reorganization of space and reallocation of resources makes all the more sense because it’s backed up by data.

That’s the world we live in now in which we rush to be the trendiest one in our industry. Nothing like a service provider who is attentive to your needs. If only they had a way to measure the number of students that come in to the library that wasn’t manual and didn’t require anyone to write down when they came in and when they left.

These are the types of issues that a good software management system could sort out for you.