I was born in one country, raised in a second, and living with my children in a third. Throughout these experiences I’ve always been fascinated by culture – mine as well as that of others. Culture shapes who we are, the decisions we make, and the lives we lead. This deeply personal element is the cornerstone of all of my books because understanding others helps us understand ourselves. Whether it’s immigrants in America or expats in Qatar, come travel the world with me.

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In the much-anticipated sequel to the award-winning Love Comes Later, we find out how happy the ever after is for Abdulla and Sangita, the unlikely duo who met by chance in a London apartment. This second book is participating in the #pentopublish2017 contest.

Married life holds more than they bargained for with the pressures of living amongst the family.

Hind has made good on her aspirations to work in the foreign service in India as an independent woman. Except loneliness dogs her every step.

And young Luluwa, once a teenager infatuated with her dead sister’s husband, is growing up quickly.

When a deep family secret comes to light, it’s she who will have to find a way to bring them together to overcome the dark forces.

Readers will lose themselves in the increasingly complex ties that bind.


Rajakumar pulls back the veil on life in Qatar to reveal a glimpse of Muslim life rarely seen by Westerners.

“…a deliciously tangled plot and insight into life on the Persian Gulf.”
Kirkus Review

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