I was born in one country, raised in a second, and living with my children in a third. Throughout these experiences I’ve always been fascinated by culture – mine as well as that of others. Culture shapes who we are, the decisions we make, and the lives we lead. This deeply personal element is the cornerstone of all of my books because understanding others helps us understand ourselves. Whether it’s characters who are expats in America, or Qatar, you’ll see the world through new eyes in these pages.

During the 2020 pandemic, like many of us, I was bored at home and in search of a new creative challenge. This is how I came to find screenwriting. Two short films later, I’m working on my first feature. About what? An odd couple who meet in college and may be the perfect fit – they just don’t know it yet.

Experience diverse characters at the center of their own stories in my books and films.

Now Available: Book 3 in the Crimes of Arabia series

Our favorite, intrepid student journalist is back!

And this time with a case that has consequences not only for herself, but her entire country. Maryam, a privileged Arabian college student, needs a big story to ace a journalism assignment.

When she successfully catfishes an extremist recruiter, embroiling friends, family, (and herself) in an international terrorist plot, she needs backup. Help comes in the form of Ali, a grumpy police detective whose crime fighting skills are accompanied by lectures on proper behavior for Muslim young ladies.

Maryam and Ali must work well together in order to foil a plot against their country – but who is going to save them from the loveless arranged marriage her parents have planned?


Rajakumar pulls back the veil on life in Qatar to reveal a glimpse of Muslim life rarely seen by Westerners.

“…a deliciously tangled plot and insight into life on the Persian Gulf.”
Kirkus Review

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