It happened this week

I was tested earlier this week on my Lental commitment. I was white hot with rage at an injustice I thought was being inflicted on my husband and I. But I took a split second (literally because I really was angry) to remind myself to breathe, to think about why I was angry, to remember I was working on this very surge.

A miraculous thing happened. 

The sting went out of the insult.

Instead of fleeing from the room in high dungeon, I stood, crossed my arms, and breathed.

I thought about why I was upset: being angry on behalf of someone else isn’t really productive.

Being afraid you’re being taken advantage of is a way of diminishing what you have to give to the world.

Focusing on the petty and not letting it go can corrode your soul.

 In those few moments of breathing and calmness, I decided to forget it; not to hate anyone; and just keep breathing.

(Oh, and I will be taking steps not be in this particular predicament again).

There we have it: week two and I’ve overcome one challenge. Hopefully the next one won’t blindside me.

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