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Because I travel so often, people are constantly asking me how I juggle jet lag, a hectic pace, and long flights, while still managing to survive a five hour plane flight, drive an hour in congested traffic, and then arrive at a meeting as though I had been in town the entire time. (Or take a 14 hour flight, pick up a car, and meet for dinner – both scenarios happened during my last trip).

Here is my own modest list of suggestions for those of you who would like to travel more with less wear and tear on your body/mind:

1. Keep toiletries in small travel amounts – or substitutes such as chewing gum – within easy reach on long flights.
A quick trip to the bathroom, squirt of perfume and you can feel fresh without having had hours to regroup.

2. Sleep when your body wants to – a neck pillow from Brookstone is worth the expense and the space.
Your body will give you signs of fatigue and you should take them. These will lead to REM cycles which are the most restful.

3. Have at least a shirt (or whole set if you can) in your carry-on that you can slip on as an alternative to your travel clothing.
This quick change can trick your body into thinking you are starting the day over and get rid of any lingering travel odors/wrinkles.

4. Lastly: use those morning rituals that make you feel ready to face the world. 
For me it’s a touch of face powder and mascara. Those two things, and a little swab of lip gloss and I’m good as new!

Hope that helps – and feel free to share your own!

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  1. preciousjaan

    I always make sure that I travel with a clean face, no makeup until just before landing. It’s saves the hassle of cleanup before reapplication. I always wonder about the women who board the plane with a full paint job. And now living in Doha, I’m sure you’ve seen them too!

    Also, I always set my watch to my destination’s time zone when I get on the flight and voila, I’ve got the flight to sort out jet-lag.

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