Inside the Indie (Join Live Video Chat this Wednesday 2pm EST)

Digital publishing, e-books, independent authors: There are many tags that describe taking your book directly to the reader and they all mean the same thing — producing your own content and championing your own work.

In September of last year (2010), after nearly a decade of successful academic publishing and polite rejections of commercial fiction, I decided to take action and join the e-book movement. A movement of self published authors sharing book length content online that many were calling a revolution.

Aided by the Kindle and other e-readers, the e-book revolution had everyone from executives to sales assistants at the big 6 traditional publishers running to update their resumes.

Since September I’ve published four e-books and learned a lot about writing, editing, designing, and marketing e-books. A collateral benefit has been a greater understanding of what it means to be an independent or “indie” author and a deep appreciation of how much work indies put into not only their own work but supporting the work of others.

If you’re starting out, or thinking about taking the e-book plunge, join me this Wednesday at 2pm EST (that’s Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.) to get the insider’s look at all things indie: Live Video Chat. (And no, this video chat is not that kind of live chat invite  but a cool interactive feature authors everywhere will likely be using in the near future. A group of authors I know are early adapters and invited me to join: Just another great thing about being an indie!)


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