Not Your Grandparents' Middle East

People demonstrating for the overthrow of their dictators. The first democratically elected president EVER in Egypt. The World Cup on the Arabian Peninsula in 2022.  Burmese political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi released from house arrest and running for office. America was not immune to the winds of change:  president Obama became the first black president in the history of the republic.

If you’re like me, you fee the optimism in the air and are trying to find your own way to contribute to this unprecedented change. Since I’m a writer, the options for me are to blog, Tweet, share, and of course, write books, about what I see happening all around me.

You may know from previous posts about my memoir about living in Qatar. FROM DUNES TO DIOR has reached number 49 on’s non-fiction list.

I also wrote a creative writing guide to getting started for aspiring writers because so many people have stories to tell and constantly ask me about how to get published. There are so many guides like this in the English market but virtually none for Arabic writers. I’m thrilled to say SO YOU WANT TO SELL A MILLION COPIES is now available for free in Arabic exclusively on my website.


The publishing industry has changed dramatically with the onset of digital books. The global political landscape is changing and needs to continue to change as despots still rule in places like Syria.

But as we keep on listening, learning. and supporting the brave ones all over the world agitating for change, this the brighter future we can give our children and their children.

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