Wordless Wednesday: Where Would You Stand in Your Underwear in Public?

Nearly naked cowboy in Times Square, New York City (taken by me on vacation)


Yes, this seems to be his job all day. I had to smile (and Tweet) when I came across him yesterday on my way back to the hotel on a trip to New York City.

What would it take to get you out in public in your underwear? Random strangers taking their photo with you (or of you)?

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  1. Jennifer Susannah Devore

    Funny enough, at first blush I think, “Magnolia,” for I sometimes call myself Magnolia, “what wild, wild stuff! Who would dress like that in public?” Then, I realize that most of my days are spent in a bikini and sarong, a la the contented Polynesians proto-Captain Cook. Were I living in Colonial Williamsburg, this look would be highly imprudent; trust me, I lived in CW for six years and even too much Dita-red lipstick was a bit of a shock for the Virginians! My Ralph Lauren blue blazer and Seven jeans would be a far better fit for the VA gentility. Alas, happily, I live on a San Diego beach. Ergo, nearly naked author!



    • Mohana

      Yes, apparently this was the ‘naked Indian’ inspired by the Naked Cowboy! If there is anything that’s American, it’s recognizing a branding opportunity… lol.

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