Wordless Wednesday: Jamaican Flowers

Cover of Jim Moorman’s book

Jamaica is on everyone’s mind this week with Usain Bolt’s spectacular performance at the Olympics. This is also the 50th year anniversary of Jamaica’s freedom from colonial rule.

Seems like the perfect week to host Jim Moorman, author of Jamaica Flowers, a  comedy about a father trying to stay out of prison while growing marijuana.Sonny Flowers is pure, charming genius when it comes to biochemistry and genetics – specifically, marijuana and its potential to make the world a more joyful place, but he still has a lot to learn about fatherhood, guilt, women, happiness and himself, and very little time to learn it in. Sonny has already lost one daughter and will lose the other unless he can win her back – and do it before he literally loses his mind. With the Feds about to shut down his Stateside marijuana farm and laboratory, Sonny finds himself in Jamaica working for a self-proclaimed Rastafarian Deity whose wife has overdosed on the very hybrid plant Sonny and his daughter, Summer, are struggling to perfect as a cure for what has become a world epidemic: Bipolar Disorder.







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