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Katrina Joyner


I’ve been writing for a long time and a lot of people ask me for writing advice. Today I told a friend, who was asking for advice on writing, that I would not say another word to him unless he wrote several hundred. This may seem harsh but there’s only so long you can talk about ideas before you have dissected the life out of them.

I’m excited when people get pen to paper and do the hard work of crafting because it shows their intention towards their craft. Meet one such writer and artist, Katrina. She has been designing my eBooks for a year and so humble I only recently heard about her campaign to raise money to write five chapters for her project.

The Project: 10 Confessions & A Kiss is a romantic comedy about a college student, Zoe, who gets cursed with the “Curse of the Princess Zomigod” – now she only has 365 days to find her true love or she dies!

An old gypsy predicts there will be 10 Confessions before she figures things out, but things aren’t that simple. Zoe is boy shy and has never even been kissed. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. This campaign is to raise funds for the production of Chapter 2.

The Creator: Katrina Joyner has been writing since she was 14 years old.   She saw her first semi-professional publication when she was 18 in a Trouveare’s Laureate. She’s the creator of Akashik, Heavenly Bride, among other things. She needs $1,500 to get going on her project.

The 10 Confessions website can be found here: on which you can also find the project’s Kickstarter campaign.


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