Inside the Writer's Studio with Brian D. Anderson

A hectic week around here as it’s the Eid al Fitr holiday (end of the Muslim month of fasting) and so the city came alive after thirty days of closed restaurants during sunlight and a family trip away before school starts for the fall semester.

Brian and Johnathan

That doesn’t mean though that writing is far from my mind! Sometimes the best way to improve your writing is to take a break, read the work of others, and take in their experiences. With this in mind, I’m happy to host Brian Anderson in the studio because his book is a family project.

Brian D. Anderson grew up in the small town of Spanish Fort. He attended Fairhope High, then later Springhill College where his love for fantasy grew into a lifelong obsession. His son, Jonathan Anderson’s creative spirit became evident by the age of three when he told his first original story. In 2010 he came up with the concept for The Godling Chronicles that grew into an exciting collaboration between father and son.

1. What is your one piece of must know advice for aspiring writers?
That they don’t have to be Hemingway or Tolkien to be a good writer. Every professionally released book you’ve ever read was not to sole product of the author. We have a army of talent behind us helping us put it together. From the proof readers to the editors, they turn our rough work into a polished novel. I think that too many aspiring writers get discouraged because they look at their own work and think it’s “not good enough”. Of course it’s not. At least not until the other people you need to have involved get their hands on it. Remember that, and tell the best story you can.
2. Is there an unforgettable lesson you learned from writing this book you wouldn’t know otherwise about fiction?
That I become entirely too involved with my characters. I didn’t realize that I had the capacity to have genuine feelings for fictional characters. Sadly, it’s too late to do anything about it. But, I suppose it’s for the best. It helps me make them more believable.
3. Any challenges for you as you wrote and published this book?
There are always challenges. But the biggest challenge is patience. Once your work becomes a finished product, you want it out there. You want to share it with everyone. It’s so very hard to wait for all the proper wheels to turn. The little kid in you really comes out.
4. How would you start your next project?
I’ve already completed The Godling Chronicles-Book Two:Of Gods and Elves, and it’s currently in editing. I’m in the process of writing book three. It’s taking more time to write than that other two; mainly because the story has grown so much.
5. Anything else you want to readers to know?
What can I tell a reader? They read, and to me that is wonderful. I am just honored that they choose to read my work, and I hope they continue to enjoy reading about Gewey, Lee, Kaylia, and the rest of the cast of characters as much as I enjoy writing about them.









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  1. Daniel Quentin Steele


    found your blog while wandering thru twitterverse. would love a chance to have u take a look at any of the books i have out on barnes and noble, smashwords or amazon kindle. i’ve got readers adn i’ve got readers on at least five continents, but i am having a difficult time getting reviews from anybody but fantatic fans. not sure what i’m doing wrong. could be subjecct matter. one book is urban fantasy, little sex and some violence. the other two are mainsteam/modern/courtroom/contemporary marriage/divorce’love stories with explicit sex and explicit language…aboiut a long married couple whose marriage crashes and burns because husband has abandoned wife for job and is not satisfying her in bedroom, which leads to her engaging in first emotional and then sexual affair while he has to go out and build a new life for himself in 40s. I think it’s a good book, but it’s an adult book for grownup readers who have been married, possibly divorced, raising kids. it’s not a YA or romantic tale. if anything in there sounds interesting, would love to shoot you a pdf or gift you a book from any of the publishers.


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