Give the Oldest Form of Technology This Season

You’re running around like a maniac because you have a long list and only one day to get all the shopping in. I have the solution for you and you don’t even have to pay me for the advice. Give the gift that is as old as humanity itself: share a story.

We have shiny tablets that need recharging and maybe the monks would scandalized to see what Gutenberg started has denigrated to the pulp paperback, but we haven’t improved on the technology of an oral tale being written down. So take a break from the holiday madness and give a book. That’s right, reading is dead only if we stop doing it.

Whether it’s leather bound special edition, paperback or even Kindle (yes you can gift those as well), share a story you think someone will love. Books come in all sizes, shapes, and languages.

For the White Elephant party, consider something like Christmas Letters by Simon Hoggart. A collection of the braggiest, depressing and down right odd letters people send to their friends and family this time of year. Once it’s unwrapped, people will be passing it around and laughing out loud.

Or for that teen who can’t get away from X-box, try a bestseller that will be a film soon, like the next installment of The Hunger Games. Who doesn’t like to be in the know? He or she can whisper meaningfully in the next seat You may want to close your eyes for this (and impress).

Even the two year olds and under can benefit from a book. Don’t believe me?

Check out this video of our guy and his favorite reads. Yes, we get bored reading the same few titles over and over but with repetition means that he can now read some of them to himself.

And if you decide to give an indie title, all the better!


What’s the best give you’ve ever received? Mine was a set of leather bound journals my brother-in-law gave me one year. I could fill up the pages with plans for my next book.

I rarely buy hardcovers but I will ask for them at Christmas or for birthdays when my favorite authors have a new release. This year, I feel Alice Munroe on the list…

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