Day Seven #blogflash2013: Nature

The Great Comet of 2011
The Great Comet of 2011 (Photo credit: lrargerich)

I am a city girl. There’s no doubt about. If you say camping to me, my first thoughts are about bathrooms. Luckily my husband hates bugs more than I hate squatting, so the Great Outdoors rarely beckon to us.

Seven years in the desert, however, have given me an appreciation for foliage and trees I otherwise would have never developed.

I’ve relished the cooler months (since November). Today at the park was no exception. The breeze in the shade was glorious.



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  1. Donna L Sadd

    Oh, what the desert must be like! I am a nature girl and would love to experience it. Funny about the bathroom and bugs Mohana; my hubby thinks of both whenever I drag him out camping! Thanks for sharing my Laughter link. :0)

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