Wordless Wednesday: The Four Month MakeOver

Or my new book covers that is. You wouldn’t believe how long a rebranding process takes.

Four months in the making, you’re among the first to see the new look for my eBooks. Since this post is supposed to be “wordless” I’ll save you the back story on process.

In the meantime, here’s two out of the four of the new look. Will share the other two as part of a regular post for those interested in publishing in multiple genres.


Here’s the new cover for Saving Peace. And to the right, the original cover. SavingPeaceBadge




The new Mommy But Still Me. And to the right, the original cover. Mommy but Still Me Cover

What do you think? Love? Hate? Have your own tips for rebranding?


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Reader Comments

  1. K. Lyn Wurth

    Mohana, I’m designing my own book cover now, so I’m glad to have a chance to study yours. Years ago, I had my own freelance writing and graphic design business; I’m not sure if that makes me qualified or simply dangerous!
    The Saving Peace cover benefits from the additional color and the recrop/zoom of the photo–it seems more intimate. I especially like the infant photo on the Mommy But Still Me design. The overshadowed invisibility of the mother, except for her hands, is a vivid, emotional evocation of the sense young mothers have of being lost in the maternal role. I was just reading the other day about the importance of giving readers an emotional connection to your book. Both designs should also be very striking, colorful and readable at small sizes, for ebook shoppers. Thanks for sharing your process. I like what you’ve done.

    • Mohana

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing! I do think the changes are improvements overall. And yes, sounds like you have great experience on both fronts. Come back and share yours when it’s finished. The post this week also features another new cover with the new design in mind.

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