It Rains on the Just and the Unjust

English: Unexpected rains!
English: Unexpected rains! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the early hours of the morning, while the rest of the house slept, I was feeding the three month old with one hand and scrolling through social media with the other. Yes, the more repetitive a task, the more likely I am to do being at least two others simultaneously.

Scrolling through trending topics on Twitter, I saw the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. Not guilty, of either murder or manslaughter, since he shot an unarmed teenager in the name of self defense.


The word is what I saw, or in part at least, the rage on the faces of people in Egypt, demonstrating for a government that represented their beliefs, while others demonstrated for their votes to be upheld.


That’s what many people were saying about the untimely death of Glee actor Cory Monteith, found dead in his hotel room at 31.


About sums up my struggles, tribulations, woes with a few people in my day to day life.

It rains on the just and the unjust.

Hope your week is going better than the world’s at large. And you are helping your fellow human along the way.


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