Your CV is Incredible… For an Indian Woman

Me in my 20’s.

Yes, that was what someone said to me in a direct message on Twitter. The irony is that the sender likely thought he was paying me a compliment (since his bio lists “life coach” among other roles).

Good news is that on my mid 30s birthday, I can’t be bothered to get upset about this backward compliment.

Because unlike in my 20s – when I had all the earnestness of the me of the present – I have a few more wrinkles and pounds. Yet now people take me more seriously.

Me nowadays.

So bring it on age. The best is yet to come.









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  1. Gina Valley (@GinaValley)

    I guess I have the dumb today. I don’t even know what “CV” is!

    But, I, too am amazed at what people will say via the internet to other people. Somehow people seem to switch off their brains when they switch on their computer.

    I’m glad you were able to let this roll off of your back without it bothering you.

    • Mohana

      CV is for curriculum viate and more of an academic term but internationally people use it in place of resume.

      I agree the Internet makes us into socially awkward people but also the immediacy of it means we don’t filter.

      Loved your 1000 lbs post by the way. Very clever :).

    • Mohana

      Thanks Christina. What’s funny is that he wrote me another DM after the blog was posted and couldn’t believe I anything wrong with this comment. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I’m glad I learned how to pick my battles. Saves energy for what’s really important.

  2. Vivian

    That’s incredible how people steriotype, they don’t realize how dumb they sound. Most of the times they have in mind what they see in Hollywood movies which are great at stereotyping countries, cultures, people. It’s like when people tell me: “ohh, you’re too white to be Colombian!” Some say it not realizing that latin countries are a mix of white europeans, black africans and our native ameri-indians.

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