Wordless Wednesday: How You Disrupt the Pink Aisle and Beef with the Beastie Boys

I found out about Goldie Blox, pastel colored toys for young girls, as an alternative to dolls. You can’t imagine the amount of controversy such a concept has started, even among my friends. Do girls need toys geared towards them? Why can’t they play with boys construction toys? The numbers don’t lie: women in the STEM professions are few, despite being half the population. As a mother of toddlers, I know that play is the most important work children can do. What do you think? Is mainstreaming the answer? What gifts do you like to give girls?

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  1. Bicultural Mama

    My daughter loves to play with dolls but she also loves her train set which was donated by a friend. I think at a young age kids are open to playing with anything that is fun. They do not have pre-conceived notions yet of what they’re “suppose” to play with based on gender – society teaches them that.

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