27 Days Later (Not a Virus Incubator but a New Habit Generator)


Three day detox diet
Three day detox diet

New Year’s resolutions have a bad, bad rap. So much so that people now recommend yearly themes or words instead of those resolves that are broken. Call me stubborn or cyclical but I love the blank slate that comes with every January.

For 2014 I chose vegetarianism. Popular psychology will tell you that it takes 21-26 days to form a new habit. But other research says it takes 66 days.

It’s the 27th of January and I haven’t had any meat yet. (I do eat seafood). Depending on the yardstick, I have achieved the life change or I’m almost halfway there.

I had a midnight crisis of the soul with my resolution when I was going up to bed one night. Last one up, putting all the toys away, throwing out trash, turning out the kitchen light — and there was a piece of salami on the floor. Fallen off the plate of my snacking husband or jumped down to test my resolve: either way, I was holding this gleaming piece of flesh.

The temptation was fierce. I remembered how much I loved the flavors. Who would know if I had a nibble?

“I am better than you, salami!” I shouted. I carried it straight away to the trashcan.

When I woke up the next day, feeling like I resisted the devil’s bargain.

The bottom line? If you want to do something, start doing it everyday, any day of the year.



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