Saturday Shorts: The Time Bubble

I’m reading as much as I can in the sun filled long hours of summer. In case you are too, here’s another recommendation, The Time Bubble by Jason Ayres.  Set in a small market town in Southern England in the early 21st century, this light-hearted time travel novel has plenty to delight readers of all ages.

Timebubble-300dpi-3125x4167 (NEW)

Kaylee was overjoyed to get Charlie’s text. In seconds she went from a devastating low to a euphoric high, in a way that only someone in the first flush of love can. She quickly showed her

phone to Lauren.

“He’s texted me. See, he does want to see me!” She could scarcely conceal her excitement.

Lauren felt secretly pleased with herself. Not for the first time this week she’d given Cupid’s arrow a helping hand. She hadn’t told Kaylee about the message she’d sent to Charlie. Hopefully he

wouldn’t either.

“Careful, girl – you’ll wet yourself if you get any more excited”, said Lauren.

“Cheeky”, replied Kaylee. “God, I so want to see him. Not sure if I can wait until tomorrow”.

Lauren looked out of the window. The rain seemed to be stopping. “Why wait then? Strike while the iron’s hot, that’s my advice”.

“You mean, go round there? His mum will be in. He told me last night.”

“That’s alright. You get on with her, don’t you? I’m sure she won’t mind you popping round. Just say you’ve got some homework or something you want to go over with him”.

Kaylee thought about it. She didn’t feel much like going home after the earlier exchange of “pleasantries” and ached to see Charlie so much it hurt. Yes, why not?

“I’ll text him back”, she said.

“What are you doing now x x”, she texted.

“Just watching TV. Why? x x”, came the reply.

“Don’t tell him you’re coming”, said Lauren as Kaylee was about to write another text. “Keep him guessing a bit. Here, let me do it”.

Lauren grabbed the phone from Kaylee and tapped in a message.

“Hey, what are you putting!” demanded Kaylee, worried that Lauren was going to drop her

“Just this!” said Lauren, hitting send and passing it back to her. Kaylee read the message.

“You’ll find out in a bit”, she had written. Without any kisses, but they weren’t Lauren’s

“It’s a bit suggestive, isn’t it?” asked Kaylee.

“Depends how you interpret it”, replied Lauren. “Still, you want to sleep with him, don’t

“Yes, I think so, but probably not yet. I want us to take our time. Besides, nothing is going to happen tonight. His mum’s there!”

“Best you get a shift on. Look the rain’s stopped now. Come on, there’s no time like the present”.

They headed back downstairs. Lauren gave Kaylee a brief hug at the door and wished her good luck. Kaylee grabbed her bike and headed out into the night.

Charlie was intrigued by Kaylee’s last message. What was she getting at? He pondered for a few minutes about how to respond. In the end he settled on texting back a rather lame “What do

you mean? x x” and then sat back and waited for a reply.

But the reply never came, because Kaylee never received his message.

In the centre of the tunnel, Kaylee’s bike lay upended where it had fallen. The front wheel

was spinning aimlessly in the air and the lights were still on, shining back down the tunnel. But of

Kaylee there was no sign.

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