Secrets to Cooking Veggie and Well

New Year’s Day 2014, while driving to the first lunch of the year, I debated in the backseat of my sister’s mini-van. Meat or soda? Which would be easier to give up? Sitting at the table, waiting to order, I still couldn’t decide. I had identified a healthy lifestyle as high on my list of priorities. I love New Year’s Resolutions, since I follow them through with the gusto of someone with OCD. Meat seemed the easier choice, since a world without soda was as foreign as life without the Internet. _DSC0984-Doha-QA

December 2014, I ‘m happy to say that I’ve been meat free for 12 months. What began as an experiment, has become a lifestyle.

The strange thing about becoming vegetarian is that it triggers an interest in food: my passing fancy for cooking grew into an experimental passion which you have been following through the Sunday Supper posts.

The results will soon be shared, as a cookbook. Stay tuned!

What changes have you had this year?

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