How to Start Using a Pen Name

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Hana Rogers is in throes of planning the first set of school visits for Everyday Wishes. Hana Rogers is also me. Yes, in my latest foray in writing, children’s books, I’ve developed an alter ego.


A couple of reasons, most of them common to other pen name users. Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar is the name I was given and one I’ve grown into. It’s got 6 letter As in it. Great for playing Scrabble or Wheel of Fortune but probably a bit off putting if you’re in my target age range (4-6) for this title. Moha_Doha is the identity that coalesced during the first decade of my Arabian adventures. She is the alias that I use on social media. Moha has eclipsed my in real life name for those I know online.

“Are you MohaDoha?” A woman who moved to Qatar recently asked me in a cafe.

I’m embracing Hana as the multicultural element of my first name. The number of the grains of sand on the hood of my car after a dust storm is probably close to the number of times I’ve said “Hanah, like MoHanah.” Rogers is the phonetic equivalent of “Raja” a familiar Indian name that many people assume is my last name.

So you see, this isn’t a pseudonym. She’s been here inside me all along, residing in the place I’ve been storing up tales to tell children.

What are your alternate identities?

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