It Did What? The Secret Behind Exercise

Take Back Your Health

We were scanning through documentary trailers the other night and Fittest on Earth was one of new releases. The film traces the journeys of super athletes who train for some of the world’s most strenuous competitions.

“People with lots of spare time and money,” I said, taking in the rippling muscles of women racing up the stairs of a stadium with weighted bags on their backs.

I’m not against exercise. Quite the opposite. Cardio has saved me from the monotony of endless hours, day after day, at the writer’s desk. Yesterday, I pushed aside the restlessness of over-productive screen time with a heart thumping set of weight exercises.

After six years of focused effort I’ve finally made it to 3, 1 hour workouts a week.

A far cry from the fittest on earth, or even this city. But the fittest I’ve been in my adult life. And that counts for a lot, considering that a major part of expat life ends up being spent at endless buffet lunches and dinners.

If you’re feeling restless, lethargic, or that all pervasive sense of sadness, try moving. In a paradox, energy begets energy.

What are your blues busters?

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