Free Short Story Collection: Strong Writing by Strong Women

MR_outofshadows_EBOOKOn this Writer Wednesday, I’m pleased to share with you the news of a freebie to download before you hit the road this summer.  Out of the Shadows is a collection of 9 short stories written by women writers. Try out this wide range of characters and themes and let us know what you think.

Drop me a line if you leave a review and I’d love to send you a review copy of the upcoming No Place for Women.
What Is The Collective Noun for Crazy Old Ladies?
(A Beacon Hill Chronicles Short Story)
By Kathleen Valentine

Pork Chops and Promiscuity
By Jane Turley

A Slight Invasion
By Rosalind Minett

The Second Pair of Slippers
By Elizabeth Ducie

Love Sick
By Lisa Payne

Out of the Mouths of Babes
By Debbie Young

Night Hour
By Christine Nolfi

A Special Christmas
By Francis Guenette

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