What Our Reactions to KK’s Robbery Say About Us

Keeping up with the Kardashians
Keeping up with the Kardashians

News broke in the Twittersphere earlier this week that Kim Kardarshian West had been robbed at gunpoint in Paris.  People, via the Internet, had one of 5 reactions. Maybe one of them crossed your mind as well.

  1. This story reminds me of someone. Anyone know where Ryan Lochte is?
  2. That’s what she gets for being reality show famous.
  3. Back off, she’s someone’s mother, wife, sister, friend.
  4. Kim who?
  5. I hope they didn’t take her phone.

If you had one of these reactions, you’re not alone. They pretty much sum up the broad categories of people’s reactions.

If you’re in the first category, you’re up on your social media and you have a sense of humor. Reports of the Kardarshian robbery are much more elaborate than the Lochte incident in Brazil so let’s hope that mistake can only be made once. Extend that cynicism until the next news cycle.

If you chose number two, then there’s a large chip you’re hauling around which you could swap out for one labelled empathy. Since this is real life, not a chapter in 50 Shades of Grey, suggesting anyone deserves (or should expect) being bound and gagged in a bathroom seems, well, furiously fantastical.

If number three rang true, you’ve got the empathy chip — which is great! We need more people like. But – hear me out on this one – violence against women is wrong because it’s violence against another human being. Not made wrong because of who the woman has waiting for her at home. If a childless, single, orphan, who alienated all her former friends, were attacked in her living quarters and robbed, it would still not be something to gloat at or question. She would merit sympathy. Agreed?

And for those who circled number 4 in figurative red ink: how are you reading this blog post? Do they have dial up in your bunker? In any case, miracle of modern society that you are, you’ve probably got the real news stories in your sights – or pressing problems of your own – so carry on, exemplary citizen. Let us know if in all your free time you have figured out a way to spread your magic powers. PS you’re absolutely right of course.

Giving all millennials a side eye on the last entry in the list. You could engage in a unprecedented psychological experiment for those of your generation. For the rest of the day, let your phone (and any other electronic device) drain of battery until sunset. Tell the rest of us how much you’re suffering. We’ll try to find some sympathy.

Pop culture always tells us as much about ourselves (the voyeurs/readers/consumers) as the celebrities. Did I get your reaction? Did I miss a few? Let me know in the comments!

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