Feature on Al Jazeera Network. Variety Arabia, Issue 9




Variety Arabia’s vision is to be the region’s premier source of entertainment and culturally relevant news. It will strive to ensure the most influential leaders in the entertainment industry throughout the region turn to the magazine for timely, credible and independent news and analysis – impartial information vital to their professions.


Variety Arabia acts as a showcase for the Arab speaking world in four ways;
  •  A central focal point that follows the entertainment business within the Middle East and North Africa, for the industry players in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Provides a window upon this region for entertainment industry leaders worldwide to understand the opportunities that exist in a youthful and growing market.
  • Exports business relevant entertainment industry information from this region to the rest of the world
  • Imports global entertainment news to this region

Reader Comments

  1. Heba Hashem

    I wrote two articles for VARIETY ARABIA magazine back in March; both were published, but they haven’t paid me until now! I also heard from a translator who translated dozens of articles for them SEVEN MONTHS AGO but never got paid either. Based on these negatives experiences, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to work with/for Variety Arabia, unless you don’t mind waiting forever to get paid!!! (Learn from other people’s mistakes).

    • Mohana

      I know what you’re saying Heba. I had to write to them every two weeks for a few months — nothing like 7 though. Others ib the region have up to 90 days to pay…. Amazing they get people to work for them at all.

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