Readers will enjoy the range of emotions evoked across these narratives which include humor, danger, love, and passion.

These are a few lines from a smattering of stories from the collection.


“She imagined the scene a million times.  Early one morning, on a narrow plank of wood in the Ganges, her uncle and cousins watch as his body ignites.  The flames consume him, wrapped in expensive silk.”

“What are a few inches when you know he will provide for you the rest of your life,” her mother would have said, smacking her in the cheek.

“..Mother counted on her, the American bred, to cajole Father into freedoms”


“It was disconcerting to drive without the tinkling of cattle and bicycle bells, the horns flaring periodically as if in reassurance that yes, everyone was in everyone’s way after all.”

“He did not want to help.  No one here wants to help.  We are on our own.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant short stories

“The stories in Coloured are instantly absorbing- which is a triumph with short stories where the writer only has a limited number of pages to win you over.”



MR_coloured_kindleicon-amazonThis collection includes stories of South Indian immigrant life in America told from various perspectives including a girl’s awakening to racism not only against herself, but other races during high school and later in college; a man and his wife battle the growth of their lawn in their first home; a young woman struggles with the death of her father.

The debut short fiction collection by writer Rajakumar, Coloured and Other Stories is a multi layered look at South Indian immigrant life in America through the eyes of men and women confronted with mundane changes that challenge them to either retreat into themselves or connect with those around then.





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