icon-amazonYou juggle many roles for a wide range of people. Being a good employee, friend, and sibling are probably high on the priority list. Taking care of yourself, however, often drops off entirely. In my first year as a vegetarian, I realized how interesting food could be both socially and nutritionally.

This is a simple cookbook, designed to help you prepare nourishing food as frequently as you check your email. There are 8 recipes, assembled as a starter kit, allowing you to practice until you perfect. In each recipe you’ll find suggestions to tailor to your own palate by adapting spices, flavors, and ingredients. Every recipe can be made gluten-free or vegan friendly by following the substitution suggestions.

Whether soups, or salads, substance and sweets, you can mix and match across the four categories to put together a meal to delight your taste buds.

From my kitchen to yours, let’s get cooking. A night in never sounded so good.

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