Three friends, two choices, one campus: a novel inspired by the women of Peace College.
….Saving Peace is a heartfelt novel”
Kimberly Jeans

4 out of 5 stars

 I do not know whether to laugh, cry or throw my Kindle because of how this book ended.”

Suzie Welker

SavingPeaceicon-amazonYou go to college to meet your bridesmaids,” or so the saying goes in North Carolina, on the campus of the all female Peace College.
But what happens when the friends you thought you were making for life, betray you? The same ones you’d be in the retirement home with aren’t speaking not ten years later?
The ups and downs of women’s friendships are tested in SAVING PEACE. Thirty years intervene in the friendships begun at the all female Peace College.

Sib, the local news anchor with dreams of going national. Mary Beth, the capable, restless mother of three. Kim, the college president who admits male students.
SAVING PEACE is the story of promises made and broken, love found then lost, and redemption sought for the past. Three women. Two choices. One campus.

What if there’s nothing worth saving?



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