Expat Dilemmas Episode 2: Far from Home

expatdilemmaThanks to everyone who tuned in for All the Single Ladies, episode one, of the Expat Dilemmas podcast.

For our second session, we turn to the second most popular subject of living away from home: family. Caring for ill parents, making it to death beds, and flying in for funerals may not be fun, but they are familiar if you’ve been overseas for any length of time.

If you’d like to send me a voice note on either of these topics, please do by emailing mohadoha2005@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

Also taking your thoughts on holidays away from home for the next episode!


Expat Dilemmas: Episode One


Faithful blog reader, I’ve got an exciting preview to share with you this week: the first episode of my first podcast! In a month or so this will be live in iTunes for listeners around the world to hear. You can say you were among the first.

Life overseas has many complications including what to do when the grocery store runs out of the remaining box of chocolate pudding. On the Expat Dilemmas, you’ll experience the ups and downs of making a home away from home.

All the Single Ladies

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