How I Went From Novelist to Screenwriter

Back when the world was slowing down – just 3 years ago – I was locked down with my family and in desperate search for a new creative challenge. Sitting at my desk in a corner of the house, I started asking myself what else can I do with this skill set I already have?

A PhD in English literature, over 10+ years of writing, a computer, and solid ethic for revision….. screenwriting presented itself because I had a dusty script on my hard drive from years and years ago when a family member suggested I adapt a short story into a film script.

The pandemic seemed a good a time as any to chase dreams that had not yet come true. So I dusted off that script and sent it in to a few film festival screenwriting competitions.

And viola! Made it to the semi finals with the first one. During a specialist panel for the first one, I asked what I should do next.

“Get a Rep,” someone said.

How do you do that?

Well, by making stuff… and that’s how I got into making short films.

You can see the posters for my first two up top and learn more about Me Against the World, American Baby, and