Mohadoha Black Friday – Cyber Monday deals

MohaDoha Black Friday saleMonday the 23rd: a few days until American Thanksgiving and a week left in National Novel Writing Month. My three classes of undergraduates are working on their final papers and the adults in the novel writing course are dropping like flies. In short: my days are pretty full. Knowing how modern life is, I’m pretty sure yours are too. Despite the hustle and bustle, I did manage to schedule a few freebies/discounts for the end of the week that I hope you’ll enjoy in honor of that shopping bonanza known as Black Friday.

ALL of my books will be on sale from Friday the 27th until Monday the 30th. The best prices will be over the weekend, but you’ll still get around 10% off if you wait until you’re back at your desk on Monday morning.

Since you won’t have any lines to worry about, go ahead, take advantage of 80% off all the novels, starting this Friday. Bookmark this page and fill that gift tablet with a free Kindle app.

PS: you can get a free copy of my short story collection, Coloured and other Stories any day of the year.

Whose Islam is it Anyway?

Picture this: young Arab women from a small state traveling to the Amazon to help build a school. And in the first trip update, people commenting that they are behaving unislamically. That’s what happened this week when a short video of a group of 7 young Qataris was posted on Facebook with some of the ladies not in headscarves.

A sobering reminder that what women wear (or do) is still not entirely up to them.

Wordless Wednesday: #2 on Amazon in Family Saga

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the process of finalizing a book’s cover design. These below are the various potential designs we looked at before developing the final one for my latest release. This week, Love Comes Later, is now #2 on Amazon’s list of family sagas, #14 in contemporary romance, and #51 in overall free books on Kindle. Yes, it’s FREE to download for 24 hours so check out why readers are giving it 5 stars and saying they can’t put it down


Compare and contrast and let me know what you think… do you like one of these or prefer the published version?

Draft covers for Love Comes Later


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