Things I have forgotten

“I forget what 60 degree weather feels like,” I said to my husband, standing before my closet.
I’m getting ready to go to Sweden for a conference on international writing strategies/research. 
When I looked up the temperatures and knew it would be 15 C, my brain started searching for the last time we had been exposed to that kind of enviornment.

Winters in the desert are cold, believe it or not. The combination of no central heating, wall to wall marble floors, and deliberate choice of no insulation means even 60 degrees can feel much cooler. 

We lived by the space heater this past winter in Doha and in a throw back to log cabin days, the bedroom was the warmest room because it was the only easily heated space in the whole house. The onset of blistering heat has melted those memories away – these days walking from the front door of the mall to your car can give you a tan.

So I stood in front of my closet and tried to pull out the things I remember bundling up in December, January, and even March while in Washington, D.C.

After two months of 41 + C (over 100 degrees F) I might welcome a few days of 60.