Wordless Wednesday: "How Rude! You're Wearing Jeans."

Modesty is the hot topic this summer (pun intended) in Doha. From the modesty campaign, where people, mostly women, give correctional cards in public to those who they feel are in violation, to the recent censure of a group of Qatari youth on a trip in the Amazon, everyone, expats and locals, are talking about women women should and should not wear.

This cartoon sums up the irony of critique perfectly.

Friday Fashion: Personality at Work

Welcome to a new feature on the blog, inspired by Mami’s Timeout, Fashion Fridays.


I’ve got two children under the age of four, so time is rarely on my side. My solution to being short on time is the dress.

A sheath dress that ends below the knee can be worn in most office situations and still allow for a little flair.

Here’s one of my favorites: A variation on piano keys. From Marks and Spencer, a British department store, for $80.

Even better: machine washable. Now that’s fashion I can use.

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