Wordless Wednesday: Days and Nights in Arabia

boxed_whiteI can hear the sound of wrapping paper ripping the world over. Giving a Kindle or electronic device this year (or hoping to receive one)?

Download the free Kindle App so you can access eBook titles right away.

I’m thrilled to announce my first eBook “box” collection is now available: Days and Nights in Arabia, features award winning fiction and memoir.

Love Comes Later, a literary romance – cue the love triangle – set in Qatar and London.

From Dunes to Dior, a memoir of living in the Middle East as a South Asian woman.

The Dohmestics, an ensemble cast of female employers and their housemaids, desert style.

Plenty to keep you entertained on your plane, train, or car ride back home.

You can give (or receive) all 3 of my books set in Qatar for $5 off what they would cost individually.

PS: Did you know you can gift eBooks like you can Amazon gift cards? All you need is your recipient’s email address.

What was your favorite present this year? I’m about to head downstairs to find out for our family.

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