Stew for #sundaysupper

The portabella mushroom in this stew makes it so hearty you won’t miss the beef. About to rot veggies is the inspiration behind many of my dishes and the potatoes at the center of this dish were the about-to-go-bad item.

Throwing everything in the slow cooker for a few hours means that been cooking all day smell welcomes you back home.

What have you got in your kitchen you need to use?


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Stuffed Peppers for Sunday Supper

Easy, fresh, homemade meals taste even better when they’re assembled with whatever you already have in the fridge.

(I avoid the grocery store as much as possible because of the never ending feeling of déjà vu).

Stuffed peppers are one of the best ways to express your flavor profile because you can put in anything you want.

I generally saute the insides (you can include meat but mine are meatless) with garlic and other seasoning, then fill to the brim.

20-30 minutes later in the oven (180C or 350F), you’ve got yummy goodness on your plate!

What are you go-to homemade meals?