Wordless Wednesday: Nanny Diaries, Doha Edition with Imelda

My fourth installment in the series of interviews that let’s domestic workers in Qatar tell their stories. I imagined the emotions, aspirations, and motivations of these women in my novel The Dohmestics. But in this case, real life beats fiction.

The more I hear about these women and their willingness to sacrifice years of their lives for their children, extended family and friends, the more humbled I am.

We both qualify in the category of expats. And yet their lives are so different from the considerations of mine.

What would you do for your family’s future?


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Wordless Wednesday: Nanny Diaries, Doha Edition 2 with Vicky

It took nearly two months but someone finally trusted me enough to share her story. I’m amazed how many women are scared of repercussions from their employers. Not by the ‘bad’ ones who don’t pay well or are aggressive in their assignment of tasks, but also of the ‘good’ ones who work in fields like education, where one would expect (rightly or wrongly) more kindness to domestic staff.

Hear what this working mother has to say about why she went overseas to work as a nanny/housemaid.


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Wordless Wednesday: Nanny Diaries, the Doha Edition

The first in my 52 films series, this is Rodelyn’s story of how she came to Qatar.

I hope to interview many more women who work as domestics here in Doha as the real life stories behind my third novel, The Dohmestics.

These women are very shy but I hope more will come forward to use this platform to tell us about their lives.


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