Wordless Wednesday: Support the Book of Esther in dance

The composing/choreographing team of Ariel Grossman and David Homan, are also husband and wife. I love to support creatives and young creatives like these soon-to-be parents are inspiring. Their plans to expand on an original production of Vashti, which successfully premiered to 450+ people at Ailey March 2013 with another woman centered, Biblical story.

Esther tells the story of a woman who saved her people by risking her life and revealing her true identity. Their interpretation of the Biblical tale as a contemporary ballet with an 11 movement work for clarinet, violin, guitar, cello, and piano. Live music at the show (then released as a recording).

David’s last CD was played on over 127 radio stations in the US and Canada.

Alongside their work, they’re presenting two fabulous companies Texture Contemporary Ballet and Trainor Dance.


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