Sunday Supper: Chocolate Peanut Butter CHICKPEA Brownies

I like to take photos of the “before” in my cooking because often we don’t think about the ingredients that go into what we are eating. Also, most of the things I make are so scrumptious, they go straight from the plate into the belly so after photos are quite rare in our house.

These brownies made from chickpea flour are no exception! You don’t see any sugar or flour on the table, making them one of the healthiest treats around. Believe me when I say they are 100% delicious.

Grind up a can of chickpeas in your food processor for the base. I substituted honey for maple syrup the second time (yes they were that good) and the consistency was a bit softer and the color browner. Every bit as yummy as the first time!

What are you easy, healthy, go-to snacks?