2008 is my year to be filled with gratitude. 


Well, because I’ve noticed a tendency in my life to keep scaling Everest like summits, but never stopping to take in the vistas. 
The past two years have been filled with blessing – so much so that my friends can’t believe I have the nerve to despondently mope – my cup has been running over with goodness and they are witnesses.

“Your wedding was the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to,” so many of our guests said.
I lost my brand new MAC lipstick, I thought, climbing in and out of that limo.

“Your safari trip to Kenya was amazing!” 
They exclaimed in November and December., after seeing our photos.

“Yeah, but that was two months ago,” I replied.

“You seem like you have a fun life togehter,” a friend said after getting our multi-fold, multi photo holiday card. 
Over four folds there were images from some place in the world we had visited in 2007; Kenya, Jordan, Qatar, a shot of our wedding.

I forced myself to pause before responding and think about our 2007.
“Yeah, we do,” I said.

The thing is, I am living the life I always wanted: being overseas, working at an academic insitution for a wonderful boss, sharing my dreams and days with a partner who supports my professional and personal interests, and enough resources to travel whenever I’m able. 

It’s time I recognize all these very small delights that come together to make a stunning combination of joy. 

Why do we resist joy? Are we afraid someone will take it away? So if we don’t celebrate, there is nothing to lose?
Or are we always so worried about not being happy, that we ruin the happiness we could have today?

Here’s to 2008.

A year when I will count all the old blessings that got me to this one.
So that I can make room to recognize the ones that have arrived instead of waiting for those that are on the way.