"Are you a princess Mommy?" And Other Questions from a 3 Year old

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Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes performing in Lima, Peru  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The first time my son asked me if I was a princess, I was sitting on the stool in front of my dressing table, putting on makeup. Having grown up in the school of hard knocks, I didn’t hide anything from him.


“No,” I said. “I’m not.”


His wide eyes registered his surprise. Ever since the summer, when he graduated from the world of cuddly animals – think Happy Feet – into movies with people, life had become infinitely interesting.


We said nothing further about the subject of princesses.


A few days later, he asked me again. I was better prepared.


“Mommy are you a princess?”


“Yes,” I said. “In fact all women are princesses.”


He nodded as if this made perfect sense. Maybe because in the Disney universe, all the main characters are royalty (or marry into being royal).


When I found out I was having boys, at first I despaired. My world was very female centric and I wasn’t sure how to approach having the first male grandchildren. Now I see motherhood of little men for the opportunity it is: a chance to frame the world in a way that empowers them to treat women as equals, deserving of respect, regardless of the titles they may hold.






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