Lack of commitment continues

Elsewhere on this blog I’ve talked about the challenges of living in a transient community – a revolving door of a place where no one is really here but merely on their way to somewhere else (

What’s surprising is that the lack of community or sense of connection also comes from the nationals.Recently I confronted this reality when a few people backed out of attending a conference at the very last minute. Then, they seemed surprised that I would actually hold them to paying the cancellation fee.

“What will this fee go towards?” They were asking.

To pay for the ticket we are already bought for you. To offset the cost of the hotel that was booked for you.

This attitude put me a little bit on edge – especially when I found out that these individuals tried to get out of paying the cancellation fee by using wasta  or influence – testing my anger levels yet again during Lent.

I took the easy way out and took a calming nap. 

Which left me feeling refreshed and ready to take on the most troubling part of this whole process. Not the wasted money, or lack of consideration, or commitment, which were all annonyances.

But missed opportunities – discard chances – the fact that many, many other people would love a chance at an all expense paid trip focused on their self imporvement.

Taking the nap inserted a breather where I could put distance between my feelings and the careless actions of a few and try again to get to those who would appreciate it.

Life in general, but especially in Qatar, is continual lesson of never giving up.

Thankfully, I’m learning how to cope at less emotional expense to myself.