Wordless Wednesday: The Invisible Army

I had the rare treat of hearing a friend read her work out loud to a new audience earlier this week. She’s someone I’ve known for years and hearing her read published work filled me with such pride.

Maryam touches on many issues related to the status of migrant laborers in Qatar. Her poem “The Invisible Army” brings a human angle to a big picture issue. This piece is part of a large anthology of Arabian Gulf poets, many of whom are accessible in English for the first time.

Enjoy this video, the 28th in my year of 52 short films project for 2013. I’m not likely to make it all the way to my 2012 resolution before January 1st, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun trying.


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Wordless Wednesday: Twice Upon a Time (Fund the kind of movie you'd like to see P2)

Twice Upon a Time – IndieGogo Campaign Pitch from Niam Itani on Vimeo.

This is a film about children with caring and loving parents, coming from middle class families like most of us, but finding themselves in the cruelest human condition of all -war. Check out the trailer and consider funding this indie documentary.

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