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I’ve been telling you about the differences between indie writers and those who are commercially published. Here’s one area where we are the same: every writer needs readers. One way to get readers interested in Active authors at English Wikibooks.your work, regardless of which camp you’re in, is to give away copies. After all who doesn’t love free stuff? And this is a great way to get to readers outside your genre who might not normally read you. Check out one such giveway where authors have banded together to give you not just one title but 8.

The adventure for the Masquerade Crew started a little more than six months ago. Since they posted their first author-requested review on October 1st, they’re going to officially celebrate their six month blogaversary between now and April 1st, which is the first day of the A to Z challenge. They encourage you to come back to their website often this month because for 26 days in April they’re going to post writing tips from some of their followers.

In the meantime, they’re kicking off this party with a mega giveaway. Roughly half of the authors listed here (each with 5 star reviews) have agreed to give away copies of their books. This is your chance to win up to 8 free books! Click on the book covers to go  check out more details about each title.

There are lots of chances to win, so be sure to check out their page!

A Soul to Steal
by Rob Blackwell


Force of Habit
by Marian Allen

The Punished
by Peter Meredith

by Zach Fortier

by Zach Fortier

Spirits Rising
by Krista D. Ball

Everything I Tell You Is A Lie
by Fingers Murphy

Blood Passage
by Michael J. McCann

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