Controversy or commentary?

Yes, it’s come to that. I’ve found a topic to write about that is interesting to me but potentially harmful to some of my friendships or the image people have of me. It’s a subject that some of you might agree with and others feel alienated. For the first time in my brief year as a blogger, I am contemplating self censorship.

So I ask you, reader, what shall we do? Should we get into it? Or should we keep our focus on the election.

While I await your response, a few thoughts on the last 18 days of this ‘race’.

I read an article a while ago, when Hillary was still heavy into the primary run off, that said, "Yes, marriage is hard, but not that marriage [again]" in the White House. The author presented, very effectively, that while every marriage has issues, it seemed many people had objections to the Clintons because of their well known ones. I thought the author was fair to Bill and Hillary and pointed out that in our flaws, we share what is most human.

Here’s my thought in the same vein:

Yes, a woman VP would be exciting. But this woman? Really?

(Shall we or won’t we get into the nitty gritty of my issue above? I wait to hear from you!)