Sunday Supper: Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

You know how I feel about soup: we should eat it once a day in the cooler temperatures. If you have broth and a slow cooker, you have the makings for a low prep, nutritious and filling meal any day of the week.

Tougher vegetables like potatoes or squash, take on a delicious tenderness when allowed to simmer.

Through in a good base of either bullion cubes + water, or homemade broth, plus your vegetables of choice. I did squash, carrots, and onions in this one that was our Thanksgiving first course.
Pulsing the contents about 10 minutes before you serve (with a hand-mixer or transferring to a food processor) can give a clear broth more texture.

#SundaySupper: Clean Out Your Cupboard Slow Cooker Soup

Cooler weather has found us, even in the desert. This time of year, I find the urge to eat soup every day and no room in the cupboard. That calls for an inventive soup in the slow cooker. I love crock pots because you can toss everything in with fairly little effort, leave it alone for hours (I went out to a reading event with our four year old) and the house smells like you’ve been laboring all day.

I began with wanting to use up a long stored can of red kidney beans in this recipe and then improvising with whatever veggies I had in the fridge which included carrots. After a few hours, when I tasted the broth and found it had quite a kick (and there were some yellowing potatoes on the counter) I threw those and a can of diced tomatoes in add more flavor. So delicious we will be fighting over leftovers !

Sunday Supper: Easy Leftover Rice and Black Bean Soup

My birthday party meant cups and cups of leftover rice from catering. I’ve made lots of things with them including baked rice and cheese balls (arancini), fried rice, and black bean veggie soup.

This soup was so easy, once I tossed everything in there and put the lid on, it literally cooked itself. With fall’s cooler temperatures right around the corner, can’t wait to make this again.