Scribehead: The Next Big Thing in Social Media

To take a break from writing, I’ve been exploring other ways of telling stories. Film has been a wonderful outlet for me to get away from the words on the page and into the visceral quality of an image. As the law of serendipity would have it, the more short films I make, the more film seems to circle around me.

This week I caught up with Clay Sharman, the brain behind Scribehead, a product he first “imagined” on a napkin while flying back from Hollywood. His interaction with the entertainment industry helped him to identify the giant gap in the entertainment market that Scribehead is built to address, fill and ultimately eliminate through a combination of social media and web technologies facilitated by an automated tool that doesn’t exist in the entertainment world today.

Let’s find out more about how Scribehead can help aspiring filmmakers.

Can you describe Scribehead?

Scribehead is an entertainment web-portal that matches aspiring talent to entertainment professionals by finding common ground in the content. It’s what we imagine would occur if Facebook and LinkedIn were introduced through eHarmony with the intent of actually accomplishing something.  Scribehead is the first platform-based web-community of its kind and is built to grow as the user community grows. And we aren’t stopping there either…our thirty-month “roadmap” after launch will take Scribehead to even greater heights, making it the most engaging and interactive user community on the planet!

Who is it for?

Scribehead is for anyone who ever dreamt of writing, or acting, or performing on stage but can’t get past “No” and has no idea how to move forward. It’s for the writer, or musician, or actor in Iowa or some other place in the middle with no way to go to New York or LA and pound on doors in person. And, it’s for the frustrated professionals who are tired of endless pitches, knowing that maybe 1 out of 100 is worth anything. Basically, Scribehead is for anyone with a dream of entertaining others for a living. Just imagine if we could shift the current model even 1% in favor of new talent discovery…that would completely change the entertainment paradigm and essentially double today’s entertainment numbers based on current success estimates of 1% across all areas of entertainment (movies/TV, music and literature).

What are benefits of this platform?

Members spend more time creating new concepts and less time “pitching” because of our automated features. Industry professionals are only pitched ideas that meet their specific search needs. Connections can be made instantaneously through the system. No more issues with postage or long waits to find out if there is interest.

What’s Next?

Go to our Indiegogo campaign and see how we are creating a tool focused exclusively on getting you discovered!

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Does Laughter Have an Accent?

A few weeks ago I shared the trailer for my first short documentary about comics in the Arabian country of Qatar. The comedians and the shows are the most multicultural places in the small country. Expats and locals, people from all ages and backgrounds come together several times a month to poke fun at the foibles that often drive us apart during the regular work week.

I’ve been a part of this group for nearly two years. Making the film helped me learn more about standup comedy and the ins/outs of how to tell a story in a new medium.

See what you think of Laughing with an Accent. Are these guys funny, no matter where you’re from?

I loved the break from writing so much I’ll definitely be making another short film soon. Stay tuned!

An enlargeable map of the State of Qatar
An enlargeable map of the State of Qatar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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