Sunday Supper: Garlic shrimp bulgar

Normally no one ever says anything to me about my book events, life events, or Facebook posts of any kind. I took to the kitchen as refuge after months of grant writing had my eyes glazing over in fatigue.

“Wow, you’re really cooking,” everyone from close friends, to family, to the mom at nursery pick up said. People clamored for the recipes.

Here’s the first of my experiments: Garlic shrimp bulgar. If you’ve never heard of bulgar but had tabouli, it’s the little white grainy flecks.

I adapted my recipe from one that called for quinoa.
Healthy, low calorie, and pescatarian friendly: everyone wins!

Garlic shrimp bulgar is a repeater for sure! The bulgar is so tender, holds the flavor of broth much more than any other grain I’ve had. Ready in under 30 minutes with ingredients you probably already have: evoo, chili powder, onion, garlic, bullion cubes, butter. Run to the store for the shrimp and bulgar, quinoa or couscous. This dish is worth it.

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