Which Employee Would You Choose?


Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook (Photo credit: jurvetson)

“You’re bossy,” someone said to me in the cafeteria. I laughed because I had read Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s commentary related to the “Lean In” project.

Women are bossy; men are thought to have leadership potential. Funny, but true, that even as adults we can’t invent new labels but revert to the ones we used on the playground.

I was reintroduced to human dynamics in employment issues – i.e. personalities – when our nanny went on vacation.

She’s very capable, in her mid forties, clean, honest, and hardworking. She also looks at me like I’m crazy whenever I deviate from our daily routine.

Can she take out all the buttons from the extra button pouches and consolidate for a children’s craft activity?

Maybe. If she has time.

Our temporary house help is the exact opposite. She forgets things – like turning off the stove – and she says she understands (taking out the base of the car seat along with the carrier) when she doesn’t. But. She has a terrific smile. And she always says yes.

The two are like the twin halves of my personality. I have a living lesson of the impact temperament makes on a work environment.

Our temporary helper is eager to please, enjoyable to be around, and willing to learn.
Our nanny is experienced, capable, grumpy and distant.

Who do I want to be when I go back to the office after maternity leave? Which woman would you like to have as a co-worker?

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Wordless Wednesday: Nanny Diaries, the Doha Edition

The first in my 52 films series, this is Rodelyn’s story of how she came to Qatar.

I hope to interview many more women who work as domestics here in Doha as the real life stories behind my third novel, The Dohmestics.

These women are very shy but I hope more will come forward to use this platform to tell us about their lives.


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