Why we can't let them change our plans

I have joined the rest of the world in watching the horror in Mumbai over the last few days; seeing flames pour out of the windows of a hotel where my brother and I had a Christmas dinner in 2005.

I join a lot of Indians, people, all over the world who are sad, angry, and dismayed, over the recent developments in one of India’s largest commercial and cultural centers.

A few friends and I were faced with questions regarding an upcoming planned vacation to west India; do we go? Or do we stay away, because many of us are American passport holders?

As the hours went on, my husband and I grew firmer in our resolve. We would continue with our plans. Because if we decide not to go, then they have won. What groups like the one controlling the twentysomething young men who attacked innocents in Mumbai want is to disrupt our lives. To make us afraid of losing the very next moment.

I believe even more strongly now in my pre-travel practices: Tell those you love, that you do. And get on with living without regrets, doing the good you can, erasing reasons for the kind of hatred that manipulates youth into carrying out heinous crimes.