Stuff Shells Your Way for Sunday Supper

In the busy business of life, reaching for what you have on hand can be as good (or even better) as a plan ahead specialty meal. For my latest experimental concoction, I pulled out whatever flavors I wanted to include for this make on the fly cannelloni. The only criteria for inclusion was that the ingredient was already in the cupboard or fridge and a taste that I loved. Get all your available/must have ingredients together, stuff into the uncooked pasta shells.

Line up the filled shells in a baking dish, smother with salsa, sprinkle with cheese, bake for 30 minutes, and you have a delicious, grocery store trip free, one pot meal.

Sunday Supper: Meatless Meatloaf (Smells like the Real Thing)

A good friend recently had a baby. I was thinking of a go-to meal that would be easy for them to pop into the oven whenever they were hungry. Thinking ahead, I realized we might be as well, later on. I doubled this recipe to have two loaves, one to give away and one to share.

You know I love to substitute or change flavor profiles while I’m in the kitchen, so feel free to mix in whatever you have to hand: corn instead of mushrooms or barbeque sauce for ketchup.

The smell and the texture are exactly like those of the ‘real’ meat loaf.

Home Calamari for Superbowl Sunday Snacks

So many yummy snacks and treats – how to choose? If you want something a bit out of the ordinary, try this no fail calamari.

You know I love to adapt while cooking, and substituting crushed croutons for bread crumbs gave these bites an extra bit of flavored, delicious crunch. Try adding your favorite mix-in to personalize this restaurant staple: this recipe calls for Parmesan cheese but you could try hot sauce or whatever fits your texture/flavor profile

What are you munching on tonight while rooting for your favorite team?

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