It's happened to me…

When I was an undergraduate student, two of my favorite faculty would always ask me to help them with their cell phones. Setting up their  voice mail, retrieving messages, finding missed calls. This was over eight years ago and long before SMS had made it to the US. So my tasks were pretty minor.

I used to chuckle after one of these sessions – those hilarious technophobes. One an English professor, the other in history, I was amused.

But then today, after a writing workshop with one of my former students, I found myself pulling out my phone and asking her how to do a few things that I hadn’t managed to figure out since my husband gifted it to me for my PhD graduation.

I did the same thing my two favorites did for a few years (and still do sometimes) I asked her to do for me those things I found technologically confusing – delete all my sent messages in one go, instead of one at a time. Copy all my contacts from the phone to the SIM card.

Goes to show – none of us can keep up with technology but the young ones – what  goes around, comes around!

(PS, still pondering the self censorship issue…)